The squealing game


October 21th 2016


Set in today’s North American society, constantly confronted with moral turmoil and questioning, The Squealing Game tells the story of Eric, founder of, a discreet dating site for married people. Mixing black humor, suspense and drama, “The Squealing Game” is a modern satire that leaves no one indifferent. Montreal, 2015. Head of a web ad agency, Eric is on the verge of a burnout when he decides to bet it all on a new venture that promises to earn him a lot of money in a very short period of time; the launch of an online “cheating” site for committed people. Solely driven by his opportunistic mind, Eric is prepared to face and endure some moral opposition from friends and family, but as success seems at arm’s length, his path startstaking an unexpected turn. Elyse, the troubled daughter of a womanizer, is shocked while hearing Eric’s provocative advertising campaign on the radio; “The best of both worlds”,!”. Struggling to overcome her repulsion of intimate encounters with men, Elyse decides to seek justice as thedemons from her past come back to hunt her. Threats, guilt and greed set the table for a most tragic rendezvous.



Steve was born in Montreal in 1972. As a business graduate and a CPA, Steve did not seem destined to become a writer and filmmaker. But his journey proves that a childhood’s dream can get you a long way… It was first as a television show creator and producer that Steve’s transfiguration began. After directing TV shows and ads, he co-created, produced and directed “11 Rules”, an award winning drama web series.This first experience in live action convinced him to take the plunge and so he wrote, produced and directed “Columbarium” (2012) an audacious indie feature film. Having its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, the film was well received. Winner of the Jury Prize for best picture at the Hamilton Francophone Film Festival, the feature was also screened at the Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec and at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois. With his second feature, “The Squealing Game” (La Chasse au Collet) and his upcoming novel trilogy, “The God Child”, Steve has clearly found his path

Paul Doucet

Julianne Côté

Anne-Marie Cadieux

Christian Bégin

Ève Duranceau

Jeune Élyse-Annabelle Guérin
Copain jeune Élyse-Vincent Kerr
Père Élyse-Louis-Olivier Mauffette
Maîtresse-Élise Corbeil
Jessica-Alexandra Cyr
Pierre-Luc Lafontaine-Charles-Antoine Pilon
Chloé-Carla Turcotte
Agente immobilière-Elisabeth Locas
Père d’Éric-Normand Daneau
Commis BD-Benoit Mauffette
Marie-Marie-Evelyne Baribeau
Judit- Marie-France Lambert
Frédérick-Jacques Allard
1ère victime-Sébastien Billy
François-Frédérick Bouffard
Médecin-Hugo Dubé
Barman-Rémi Veilleux
2e victime-Georges Robert
Mère d’Élyse-Violette Chauveau
Trafiquant-Carl D’Amours
Animateur de radio (voix)-Steve Kerr

Producteur      Steve Kerr

Productrice déléguée-Sophie Rémillard

Directrice de production-Charline-Ève Pilon

Comptable de production-Geneviève Gosselin

Directrice artistique et décors-Sophie Rémillard

Accessoiriste-Marjolaine Desrosiers-Charline-Ève Pilon

Directeur photo et cadrage  Louis-Philippe Blain

1er assistant à la caméra -Antoine Masson MacLean-Alain Rousseau

2e assistant à la caméra-Maxime St-Germain

Chef éclairagiste-Christophe Pommiès

Électro-Richard Paré

Chef machiniste-Christian Lanctôt

Machinistes -Dominic Thiffault

Assistante de production-Catherine Bélanger

Preneurs de son-Jean-Sébastien Roy        Marc Tawil

Perchiste-Alexis Farand

Maquillage et coiffure-Léonie Lévesque-Robert-Mélanie Bélisle

Costumes -Steve Kerr-Sophie Rémillard

Chef habilleuse-Joanick Giroux

Habilleuse-Claudia Manseau


Canada, Drama, 90 minutes, Color

French with english subtitles,
Format : 16:9
Sound : 5.1
Copies : DCP, BluRay, Digital file





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