THE PRINCE OF NOTHINGWOOD – a film by Sonia Kronlund


March 23th 2018



Seventy miles from Kabul, Salim Shaheen, Afghanistan’s most popular and prolific actor-director-producer has come to show some of his 110 films and to shoot his 111th while he’s there. This journey in which he leads his gang of actors, each more eccentric and uncontrollable as the next, is an opportunity to get to know this great movie lover, who relentlessly makes his B-grade films in a country that’s been at war for more than thirty years. Nottingwood tells the story of a life spent making a childhood dream come true.



The daughter of a French mother and a Swedish father, a former student of the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure and a literature graduate, Sonia Kronlund has taken part in the writing of many scripts, has directed documentaries and run several collections for television. After writing in Les Cahiers du Cinéma for a short time, she started working on French public radio station France Inter in 1995. Since 2002, she has been producing the daily documentary program Les Pieds sur Terre on France Culture radio station. For some reason, she has taken an immoderate interest in Iran and Afghanistan, two countries which she has visited on a regular basis for the past fifteen years. She has made several television and radio documentaries there, for Arte television network and France Culture. In 2012, her collection of stories, Nouvelles du réel, was published by Actes Sud. Nothingwood is herfirst feature film.

Production Déléguée :

Gloria Films Production

Exportation / Vente internationale :

Pyramide International

Production Étrangère :

Made in Germany

Distribution France :

Pyramide Distribution

Producteur délégué :

Laurent Lavolé

Directeurs de la photo :

Alexander NanauÉric Guichard

Attachée de presse (film) :

Monica Donati

Assistante monteuse :

Pascale Alibert

Scénariste :

Sonia Kronlund

Ingénieurs du son :

Matthieu PerrotHassan Shabankareh

Monteurs :

Sophie BrunetGeorge Cragg

Productrice déléguée :

Margaret Menegoz

Producteur étranger :

Lionel Baier

Directrice de la photo :

Victoria Clay

Attaché de presse (film) :

Tony Arnoux

Auteur de la musique :

Jorge Arriagada

Scénariste :

Barbet Schroeder

Voix :

Bulle Ogier

Ingénieur du son :

Florian Eidenbenz

Monteuse :

Nelly Quettier

Mixeur :

Florian Eidenbenz


France, Germany
French, Farsi with english subtitles
85 minutes, Colors
Format : 1:85
Sound : 5.1
Prints : DCP, BluRay, Digital file



Francis Ouellette