Le rang du lion


Alex, a young man in his twenties seeking a future, wants to lead a meaningful life. Disillusioned, he leaves school, his friends and his parents to follow beautiful Jade, his new love. He follows her to a remote countryside, to another way of life. To a place where community life, harmony mind and body and the search for one’s own truth are key. Are law.

In this community of young people at one with nature, close relationships develop between each member, along with an omnipresent quest for the “truth.” All this resonates with the newly arrived Alex, especially the words of Gabriel, a former philosophy professor in his forties and fervent disciple of Nietzsche. He founded this community, established this unique way of living where Alex feels that the “truth” finally exists.

For Gabriel, there is only one worthwhile path, that of “Truth.” To reach it, Alex learns that he must break completely with what he thinks he is to become what he must be.

Mysterious rites are unveiled that will force followers to break their patterns, give up their acquired values, cast off everything that could hinder their quest towards this “truth.”

An intimate quest for Alex that is both, fundamental and thrilling.

Sébastien Delorme
Fréderic Lemay
Geneviève Bédard
Félix-Antoine Boutin
Katrine Duhaime
Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle
Marie-Chantal Nadeau
Étienne Pilon
Émile Schneider Vanier

Stéphan Beaudoin

Sophie-Anne Beaudry

Productions l’Art Sali et Productions Tomifobia


Genre : Drama
Format : Canada – French – 80 min – 2014